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porque convergimos e integramos com AMOR, VERDADE, RETIDÃO, PAZ E NÃO-VIOLÊNCIA

dedicamos este espaço a todos que estão na busca de agregar idéias sobre a condição humana no mundo contemporâneo, através de uma perspectiva holística, cujos saberes oriundos da filosofia, ciência e espiritualidade nunca são divergentes; pelo contrário exige-nos uma postura convergente àquilo que nos move ao conhecimento do homem e das coisas.
Acredito que quanto mais profundos estivermos em nossas buscas de respostas da consciência melhor será para alcançarmos níveis de entendimento de quem somos nós e qual o propósito que precisaremos dar as nossas consciências e energias objetivas e sutis para se cumprir o projeto de realização holística, feliz, transcendente, consciente e Amorosa.

"Trata-se do sentido da unidade das coisas: homem e natureza, consciência e matéria, interioridade e exterioridade, sujeito e objeto; em suma, a percepção de que tudo isso pode ser reconciliado. Na verdade, nunca aceitei sua separatividade, e minha vida - particular e profissional - foi dedicada a explorar sua unidade numa odisseia espiritual". Renée Weber


O cientista (psicólogo e reitor da Universidade Holística - UNIPAZ) PIERRE WEIL (1989) aponta os seguintes elementos para a falta de convergência e integração da consciência humana em geral: "A filosofia afastou-se da tradição, a ciência abandonou a filosofia; nesse movimento, a sabedoria dissociou-se do amor e a razão deixou a sabedoria, divorciando-se do coração que ela já não escuta. A ciência tornou-se tecnologia fria, sem nenhuma ética. É essa a mentalidade que rege nossas escolas e universidades"(p.35).

"Se um dia tiver que escolher entre o mundo e o amor...Lembre-se: se escolher o mundo ficará sem o amor, mas se escolher o amor, com ele conquistará o mundo" Albert Einstein

terça-feira, 6 de agosto de 2013


(Number 21 ... obs.: I had to cut some final pages (and other unpublished put that talk about ETHICS The TRIAD-Aesthetic-TECHNIQUE: ETHICS AND MORALITY IN CONTEXT OF CAPITAL AND LOVE PART III (small part (in total there are 470 pages!!) of my doctoral thesis defended in 1998 at COPPE / UFRJ) because this site also has limits number of characters you want ... ok .. who removed the previous chapters look at my page EDUCATION THE THIRD MILLENNIUM previous editions I posted there .... see linkê......ok?)
"Lord, I know You Probes me ...""Know thyself" - Socrates (see link ... encyclical letter "faith and reason" of Pope John Paul II .."All you need is love" (Lennon / Macartney)"The human problem is the same problem divine when one is able to respond so we can meet each other" Melgaço Bernardo da Silva

Namaste to all brothers and sisters, recently I posted on facebook a video whose title is amazing I AM (About Tom Shadyac) ... after watching this video .. see link ( felt the need to share with you my spiritual experiences inexplicable about the essence of Divine Love. I confess that I do not claim that everyone will understand me, but I keep in my desire to sow my findings inexplicable that we may have and live a better world than this. In 1988 I was blessed by a spiritual-mystical experience with Divine Love and from that experience I decided to write and publish in a scientific, philosophical and spiritual and not stopped until today sick and distressed as I am now. Faith in God gives me strength to continue writing and publishing my thoughts for all that exists behind this word as spoken, but little experienced by humanity: Divine Love. And how was this phenomenon? It all started when in desperation I prayed to God to reveal to me His truth about our human life chaotic, violent, accelerated and neurotic. This copiously weeping on his knees looking at a picture of Jesus, his face painted in white on black velvet cloth with the crown of thorns and blood dripping on the face, one afternoon when I was living in a kitchenette in the Flamengo neighborhood on the south side of the River January. I was an engineer and was starting my Masters at COPPE / UFRJ. Then, one afternoon when lectured at my university for a group of teachers and students felt an inner voice saying, "Are you proud." I replied immediately: "where speech and who you are?". The voice inside me said, "I am." And I asked again: "I am who?". The inner voice kept saying, "I am." And then out of the university crying and asking myself, "Who am I". And the voice continued answering the same phrase over and over again. I spent several days questioning me about the nature of the mysterious inner voice. Until one day she sensed me to go to the bathroom my kitchenette and look in the mirror. And before the mirror to the Inner Voice said, "You want to make your transformation awake or asleep." I replied: "I want to sleep." And the inner voice said, "No. .. you will stay awake ... and then will do a job at the university." I could not do anything other than "pray and watch myself every second." So, I intuited to seek spiritual help a friend of mine right next to where I lived. And she gave me guidance saying: "Bernardo, pay attention ... in all of us, two levels of existence-consciousness: the higher self and lower self ... find out for yourself who is who in yourself." I had read some books of spiritual entity known as André Luiz psychographed by Chico Xavier. And I spotted these books and wrote two sentences that I caught my attention and they are "intuition is the basis of spirituality" and the other "thought is energy." I pasted these two sentences on paper on my shelf plywood blank to not forget them. So I began a journey of research from these three basic principles: "There is in us two levels of existence-consciousness: the upper and lower", "intuition is the basis of spirituality", "thought is energy." So, I started paying attention to my own thoughts, feelings and desires. I started out from the assumption that the nature (consciousness) was lower frequency (vibration) low (negative) and other nature (consciousness) above (positive) was frequency (vibration) high. And with a lot of willpower fierce watched my two levels of consciousness that was separating the upper and lower inside myself. My friend Ana who guided me on two levels of consciousness one day invited me to meet a spiritual-mystical place known as BRIDGE TO FREEDOM (See Link ... .. . till today it exists!). And there is a spiritual or spiritual center, but in the room or in a common house of a person who tells CHANNEL highly evolved spiritual masters who intuited CANAL so everyone knew the Truth of higher spirituality. The first time I went I was amazed at what I have and I began to feel when the woman (CANAL) spoke about the divine hierarchies and they wanted us to do for a new era of spiritual evolution. A lot of young and beautiful woman emitted an energy that vibrated in me so hard I thought she was in a trance. And then the second time I felt also a very strange heat energy in my body. So I bought a basic book BRIDGE TO FREEDOM: THERE LIGHT. And took home this and other books that I bought right there. But late at night I unwrapped the package and opened the book and THERE LIGHT started reading and what happened out of the ordinary? I could not stop reading the book and went through the night as well. At one point, I felt that it was late and needed to sleep, but at the same time I felt I was full of energy strange but tasty and strong, do not let me relax for sleep. And that's when I remembered to ask my intuition how to get to sleep. My inner voice told me: "Go to a page at the end of the book and read a prayer." And so I went and got (the prayer was an archangel .. I can not remember his name). And I lay down and "erased" (sleep) immediately. Before I slept I asked when I woke up in the morning I was with the same mysterious energy while reading the book. And so it was, when I woke up with the same energy was hot. I went to the Flamengo Park (near my apartment) and I started to walk and practice the teachings and spiritual discipline of BRIDGE TO FREEDOM. The discipline was to invoke a violet flame (or call the spiritual master of that flame - Saint Germain). This spiritual-mystical school teaches that every human being vibrates in a certain color (the seven colors of the rainbow). I later discovered that my color was Blue Master El Morya - an Ascended Master BRIDGE TO FREEDOM. Psychics Psychics have seen him behind me several times! Returning to the subject also began practicing the discipline of violet flame to turn negative into positive vibrations. And did so with perseverance I started to enter a state of consciousness of inner peace and spiritual balance. In my spiritual discipline used the mantras (sacred repetitions) BRIDGE TO FREEDOM eg, "I am God" or "I am the powerful presence of God in action" or "The Will of God is Good, God's Will is the Peace, God's Will is Happiness, The Will of God is Goodness ". These techniques all I alternated, but do not let my unoccupied mind thinking and oscillating between the past and the future. I could not under any circumstances lose faith and will of course continue my spiritual purification - for weeks on end without stopping! And what happened at some point I realized that I had to give the domain order and stay in balance anytime. In the late afternoon my intuition told me that I had achieved the power to order any positive energy for me. So each order given I was experiencing the energy applied, for example if I asked Peace, Inner peace manifested, if I asked Joy I was happy and so on. So I kept my discipline and I realized that I was the one responsible for my destiny and my inner happiness. Upon this my level of consciousness was no longer rational, had reached the advanced state of intuition. And I was totally absorbed in this discipline to the point that I was more than a month away from UFRJ. Now I get the most fantastic time of my spiritual-mystical experience. It was the afternoon of August and I was doing my spiritual discipline in a state of transcendental consciousness - unexplained, ie, a feeling of lightness within, peace and serenity ... until the phone rang and I answered it immediately. Across the phone line (at that time there was no cell) Gláucia was my friend who was also a master's degree student in my class. Gláucia asked me, "Bernardo, all of us here are concerned about your absence, my friend tell me what is wrong with you?". I said: "Do you have time to hear me." And she replied: "I have, count". Then I started to tell my story of spiritual discipline with a sweet voice and serene, with absolute calm. At one point in history (bonita!) I even moved me and I wanted to cry. I tried to hold back tears, and suddenly I hear my intuition talking loudly in my consciousness: "Bernardo, release the emotion". And then I started crying and sobbing, and told my friend that I needed to stop talking to myself. At that moment, I felt the most amazing phenomenon that an ordinary mortal human being can experience on earth! In the center of my chest something revolved at a speed and very high frequency which left me in an emotional state inexplicable was the Love! And when I put the phone in the vertical base felt a lot of energy hot thin touch my right arm. At that moment, not understanding what was happening I turned to my intuition and asked, "where does this energy?". Intuition told me: "Look at the center of your left hand." And then I realized that this wonderful energy coming from the center of my left hand. Then my intuition guided me to sit on my heels and raise your right hand open toward the sky. And then I discovered that this energy also came from the cosmos and into the tip of my right hand fingers and ran a path toward the center of my chest further increasing the speed and frequency of the energy coming out of it. I was extremely delighted with this phenomenon, and found that the energy was at various points in my apartment. The next day, I was still unusual in that transcendental state and went to work as an institution spiritualist medium (IEVE) which was in Ipanema (noble and wealthy neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro). That day was a Thursday something extraordinary happened: a miracle cure, which was announced the following week. Our engineer and owner of the spiritualist center said: "I want to communicate and congratulate all of you, because there was a miracle here on Thursday last, I do not know which one of you was responsible for this miracle cure". This text is not complete ... I tried to make a synthesis not to tire my readers ... another time inexplicable tale other details that were not placed in this text.
Petition MY GOD IN 1988: THE SCIENCE OF HIMSELF AND THE DIVINE VERBIn 1988 when I knelt (crying uncontrollably) before a picture of Jesus Christ in that moment I was filled with uncertainty, a lot of suffering, but also paradoxical as it seems was filled with compassion for myself and for humanity. I made the following supplication fervently, with all my soul suffered: "Father, show me the way, show me the Truth. I do not want power ". The next day I repeated the same prayer the same way weeping copiously and suffering soul with compassion. And what happened to extraordinary? From that day every night (for over a week!) In a dream I saw a woman dressed as a bride who addressed me saying: "If you want to find the Truth marry me, I'm waiting a long time." At that time I had a psychologist (his name was Etienne - his office was in the center of Rio de Janeiro in a street parallel to the Avenida Presidente Vargas - location of tall buildings commercial banks, the Central Bank, other services etc..) That besides psychologist was also spiritual. So, Etienne tried to decipher my dreams of the bride. So, I told Etienne dreams and asked: "Etienne, who is this bride?". Etienne opened a soft smile, his face was serene and eyes showed an emotion, and he said: "Bernard, this bride is not human, do not look for it in our world concrete and objective, it is within you understood ... ? ". I went to my apartment in the neighborhood of Flamengo asked me how to find the bride in me. I did not know rationally what this phenomenon meant. So I was confused for several days. My head was impressed with those visions, I kept thinking about it: the bride of the mysterious dreams! So, I decided to buy some spiritual books, the very entity known as André Luiz, Chico Xavier by psychographic. And in reading these books I discovered the "clues" that would help me find the mysterious bride within me. The two key phrases of André Luiz are: "Intuition is the basis of spirituality" and "Thought is energy." And with these two "tracks" I started making an abstraction and fantastic imagination. It is important to note here that I did the course electrician installer when he was 17 in Senai. And he had worked as an electrician at various factories in Rio de Janeiro. And besides, I also did my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering Electronic mode. This training in the field of electricity and electronics helped me a lot in my research inside - nothing happens by chance! So my reading academic field electrical / electronic allowed me to disregard the phenomenon of energy. And my own direct experience with electricity as an electrician gave me a condition of accepting no intellectual resistance (rational) the phenomenon of thought as energy - not just as a concept or idea simply. What did extraordinary? I began to imagine that my thoughts were following the same laws of physics in the field of electricity and electromagnetism. In other words, if the electricity and electronics were running relays, coils, transformers, motors, radios, televisions, cameras, transmitters, receivers, telephones, computers, microprocessors, capacitors, transistors, rectifiers, oscillators, finally a world of wonderful technologies ... so thought this could have extraordinary power of the technologies that I knew - I had no doubt!!! Yikes!! And if this is true, I thought, I can modulate, transform, capture, see, send, receive, manipulate, move, accumulate, process, magnetize, influencing everything around me and within me. And how to find out if this is true? And if the reason is a form or pattern of energy? And intuition could be another energy pattern at a level higher frequency ... imagined ... spectacular!! I said to myself: "I have to test this hypothesis of thought-energy and discard common idea that thought is an idea or concept." But how to test the thought-energy if the reason is energy and intuition is another level of frequency? I was amazed with this hypothesis, it was enough just to test (try, it is important to note that modern science has advanced only when actually realized he should formulate hypotheses, test and confirm thus creating what scientists recognize as a valid theory (until refuted (transcended) by a new theory and new experience!.) But my question was to discover the phenomenon of thought-energy, energy-energy-sense and desire. had an "idea" brilliant: I will discipline myself and modulating frequency (type radio AM (amplitude modulation) and FM (frequency modulated))!! And soon stopped using and believe that my thoughts were just concepts, ideas and intellectual reasoning. then I became a scientist myself , ie I was the observer (scientist) and my thoughts, feelings and desires were my objects of study and experience. But how to stop the logical and intellectual who would not stop talking on my conscience? This problem could not be answered by reason, because reason as human phenomenon was the object of my study. Which was answer to this question: what is the energy-ratio? only I found the appropriate tool to test the phenomena of thought-energy-sense- desire, when by "chance" (meaning, here, what is strange, unexpected or surprise) started using the techniques of spiritual institution mystical-esoteric BRIDGE TO FREEDOM. THERE I learned in the book LIGHT discipline or exercise of mantras (very common discipline of the yogis in India!), for example: "I am God", "I am the powerful presence of God in Action," "The Will of God is Good; The Will Of God is Peace, The God's will is Happiness, The Will of God is Purity, God's Will is the Balance; God's Will is Goodness. "I realized immediately that this exercise discipline or interrupted (since I did uninterruptedly! ) the ongoing process of logical reasoning and intellectual. This was my first discovery. A second discovery was how to modulate and transform my impulses, desires, and feelings of low frequency to a higher level of high frequency. And this second question was also discovered by "chance" (I did not mean to make this order) when I believed strongly that the use or viewing of the violet flame (the Ascended Master Saint Germain) was able to turn my negative energy into positive (since I do exercise or discipline uninterrupted!). So I alternated disciplines all day - every second! The third question was like watching my automatic impulses: to think, feel and want, the answer to this question was also a "chance" (I do not had read anything about it.) The only discipline that I discovered by "accident" before 1988 was to close my eyes and focus attention on the darkness of my consciousness (I did it when I was 18 years old, and at that time I realized that I could relax if I stayed half an hour doing this exercise, also discovered by "accident".) It is good to note that several and several important scientific discoveries were made by "chance" when the scientist was distracted, dreaming or saw an unusual phenomenon, without have raised any circumstances. Briefly, I started doing an exercise in contemplation unconsciously later - much later - is that I found it. The act of looking or self-observe continuously enables us the ability to distance ourselves from our self- ego. And in the process we are lifted to the top level of the Self (term used in psychology or psychoanalysis) or intuition. Human reason is captive of the five common senses. And why all the great scientists (like Einstein who discovered the mind rational moves and crosses the border and arrives intuition ... and all great discoveries were made by intuition.) and Albert Einstein wrote a letter to a philosopher heard the saying "Old" (I put that quote in my dissertation or in my doctoral thesis ... for sure) or "Intelligence in Nature" (he tried to avoid using the term "God" not to be mistaken as a religious.) He (Einstein) said: "I think 99 times and nothing discover. Diving in deep silence. Behold the Truth is revealed to me. "He used the expression REVEALED, why? Because the revelation is a spiritual phenomenon that occurs in nature since any discipline yourself to listen to it. discipline is the basis of all the findings both in the scientific and spiritual. discipline develops only through faith in the exercise or experience that human beings want to discover, develop or reveal. And faith here is not simply a religious belief or scientific.'s a transcendental phenomenon inside the multidimensionality (scientists (modern physics) have discovered that our existence is made up of several parallel worlds ... at least 12 worlds!! ... have a video on the Internet BBC showing this discovery) human. Truth which Einstein himself referred to is nothing more than divine intuition. And Einstein was aware of it because he said: "Study the faith." Genuine faith is the divine way to divine truth within the human being. In other words, the problem of human existence is the same problem of the existence of God, so that when we get the answer to one of these two problems can meet each other. Creator and the creature are very close, closer than the electron revolves around the atomic nucleus. In this context, the divine Truth is unspeakable. And every time humans try to tell the truth it transforms the energy into energy intuitive rational. Therefore, even if each has its "true" rational. And everyone has the same divine Truth. Fantastic finding this in 1988!!! A person in a state will always be misunderstood intuitive for all those that are in the rational use of energy-conscious! This implies that every time we want to be right in an argument with each other unconsciously created a conflict and generate a crisis that can affect the spiritual life of the two. spiritual life is so serious that if we knew the consequences never would judge the speck from another or their disability or their ignorance. So Buddha said: "There is no conflict between good and evil, but between ignorance and wisdom." In this sense, the spiritual evolution (and not simply material-technological) is vital to any human society. What want, then the Creator? I realized that He wants us to be happy, have peace, compassion, love, brotherhood, solidarity, empathy, sincerity, brotherhood, cooperation (not competition) etc.. Briefly, we are Your Image Similarity and here on Earth. therefore the phrase wonderful spirit, "without charity there is no salvation" (and I do not consider myself spirit, but spiritual - are different.) We have to respect every human being and be supportive, loving and charitable. Sadhana and its intensity is going to generate or produce a degree of spirituality in each. Prayer it helps a lot, but it alone does not produce an immediate effect of transcendence. depends on the intuitive leap "pray and watch the himself "and the foundation" know thyself "(read the encyclical of Pope John Paul II:" Faith and Reason "-" Fides et Ratio "). And if we know ourselves deeply, we see with absolute certainty: God speaking (a deep inner silence). confess that almost "snapped" during this process of self-knowledge. Some people thought I was crazy, including two professors at COPPE / UFRJ. A meeting was held between 3 teachers (Ronaldo, and Roberto Miguel ) to discuss what to do with me. Ronaldo (my advisor at the time) said (as reported by Miguel): "He's crazy!." Miguel said: "it is the way to madness." And Roberto (he did a course in theology at PUC-RJ) said: "Let me talk to him first to know what is actually happening." After a private conversation Roberto said to me: "You're not crazy. All you have told resemblance to the stories of saints, most likely you have reached the level of consciousness of them. I did not have to read a lot more experience the stories of the saints. You want me to be your new advisor?. "I replied," yes. would love ". E it was done!
There are various techniques and spiritual disciplines that once made with everyday perseverance makes realize the divine nature of our true Self. During human history several people (teachers of mankind) found its own way to this spiritual endeavor. What I'm describing here is the way I did and do today. In principle we have to assume that the reality we see on the outside of the objective world is not exactly as we think it is. In other words, what we see is a one drop in the ocean of the unknown world. This means that in reality is hidden because our five senses and reason objectively analytical shows a portion of the total reality. So to expand awareness and for verifying what lies beyond appearances of these facts and concrete phenomena and subjective, we should start a SEARCH (or INVESTIGATION IS) in ourselves. What does "search on ourselves"? It is the path of self-knowledge, self-awareness or self-consciousness, autosuperação, self-transformation. "The path is narrow and small door" - says a saying religious. Rare are those who discover your true Self. Most have not agreed or not reached the consciousness of consciousness. It is an arduous task that unforgiving must be run in the exercise of perceiving the world and yourself. Generally we are so alienated and distracted that we realize a parallel reality our inside ourselves. Several philosophers, saints, mystics, scientists and philosophers left "clues" of the paths that they themselves did. Why this path is so difficult? Because we know not formulate the correct existential problem for our lives. Scientist Einstein went on to say the formulation of a scientific problem was something so important that a properly done did research already be halfway there. We used to receive millions of messages from the outside without a filter that enables us to discern what is true and false. Therefore, our minds are littered with false truths. And what the mind can register is a tiny part of the whole that is all around us in the impregnating. And if you realize the thoughts that chain together one after another will find that the mind rational analytical toward the objective world is in constant "chatter", ie a mental turmoil between two poles: yesterday (past) and tomorrow (future). Rarely found in the state of consciousness of the here and now (present). Were educated subtly designed to use the mind for the future while continually remembering the past. We were not raised to control the mind and cause it to remain in this intensely lived (here and now). Discipline for reeducation of the mind is called meditation and / or deconditioning. The mind is very powerful - what we think and feel we accomplish "good" (constructive) or "bad" (destructive) in the "future" is the result of our own choices. There are guilty! We are all involved since we were born, and so we continue the exercise of perception that our ancestors taught us. But since being enters into an existential crisis or identity it back to yourself because you realize that it is necessary for an answer to their existential problems. Our schools and universities, with rare exceptions, never teach the techniques of self to transcend the existential level of reason and live in fact guided by divine intuition. These few stand out for the fierce willpower, sensitivity sutilizada and refined intelligence-intuitive (eg.: Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Sathya Sai Baba, Chico Xavier, Socrates, Einstein etc.) Because it differed from most stuck in " their "own beliefs about the world, life and human existence. So, how to get out of this conditioning process of the mind, feeling and desire? The Eastern masters, saints and many scientists and philosophers have tried to teach us. What I learned is that the individual needs certain qualities or factors for treading the noble path of self-knowledge. And they are:a) willpower focused on autosuperação;b) sutilizada sensitivity to the process of discernment between psychological traits bales (negative) and strong (positive);c) Faith or belief in the deep inner voice silent (not to be confused with a simple belief);d) perseverance in the process or spiritual discipline (if possible every second!);e) developed intelligence (intuitive) to develop new questions and seek the answers to the hypotheses;f) never doubt that we are beings of various dimensions and levels of consciousness abstract;g) pay full attention on yourself without judging or blaming the thoughts and feelings poorly designed;h) trust the lonely path you are doing with yourself;i) approaching people experienced (preferably very experienced spiritual masters - very careful in choosing!) that are also unusual in that quest (the mass is distracted by other events: football, television, party politics (being political and being partisan political social phenomena are different ... eg: Tibetan monks are political but not partisan ... because they do social movements against autocratic Chinese communist regime that interferes with the spiritual and material life of them - who chooses currently the spiritual leader Tibetan is the Chinese government, ie, the power of the monks withdrew to choose who should be the spiritual leader and their State);j) be tolerant and forgiving himself and his fellows;k) read good spiritual books (eg.: Jesus Christ, Sathya Sai Baba, Chico Xavier, Alan Kardec, Yogananda, Krisnamurti Buddha BRIDGE TO FREEDOM, etc..) of great spiritual teachers (preferably the original);l) be very careful not to get lost in spiritual discipline - because without an accompanying spiritual individual can "freak out" (the choice to follow this path is the responsibility of each - great care is because every spiritual path has its risk !).
Once you enter this path determines keep it steady, even in sickness, brave and determined because it is something that is actually achieved will benefit us forever and improve the character of the world. Remembering always be mindful of their peers helping them as much as possible to alleviate suffering and increase their peace. Happiness is not given to anyone, it is earned through hard work and continuous. And if you do find that path definitely waiting for you: HIM - GOD!The TRIAD ETHICS-Aesthetic-TECHNIQUE"Indeed, what characterizes man, what differentiates you from other living beings, is their ability to aspire to go beyond their present reality, to achieve another reality designed, made with intelligence and heart. Man, in this sense, is a designer. Designer of your own life. Incidentally, the man begins to wither and die when even more designs and not only meet the needs atem ... "(ANONYMOUS, JM Study Notebook)ETHICS AND MORALITY IN CONTEXT OF CAPITAL AND LOVE PART IIIAnd the position of the churches? I leave the consciences of priests and pastors respond. How to follow the Lord-Holy Mother Love (Christ) and the "Lord-Capital-Sacred" at the same time? This is the difficult and eternal question! I've opted for Christian poverty. But also do not charge anyone to make this gesture. This gesture must be spontaneous and should also reflect a degree of sacred wisdom attained. There is a simple belief in condoning poverty. It is more than necessary to be "poor" matter and "rich" of Spirit. The bridge between the verb and the meaning is made by a sensory experience, and this can only be lived - said the great master A. Einstein. In other words, the discovery of this path-way is something strictly personal (ontological) and belongs to the context sensitivity (and no reason). No one should act by persuasion, but by a faith of spiritual direction / existential.What about splitting the bread very well pointed out by OLIVEIRA, is associated with the ability to recognize the need for capital to serve the individual, not unlike how commonly been happening unilaterally in modern capitalist societies. For it is the land which the wheat is born. And it is work that is planted with wheat. The man removes the wheat harvest much work "planted" as the relentless transformation of nature. Bread wheat is harvested, planted the faith and work processed. The earth is the place of sweat, the natural wealth and generosity Divine. God created the earth and offered to all. Therefore, the table is the place of celebration of faith and prayer the bread. The division is the multiplication of the bread of peace and kindness Divine within man.To dwell on the earth man plant your faith in mother nature. By eating the bread man receives the gift of nature and confirms God's grace. Life is the positive response of the relationship between the two natures that are for a consecration. A nature plants and harvests the essence of the bread is wheat. The other produces the faith that is the essence of nature itself. The work is a bridge between earth and heaven bread. And between faith, the man and the harvested wheat. The act of working is the transformative power of design and creation. The performance between the beginning of life and end of a transformation of nature toward a growth in "death" - a "death" which devotes life. Wheat "die" in producing bread. The bread "dies" in the consumption of man. And the man "dies" in finding oneself with the Creator (wheat, bread and man).Brazil has a lot of people, very little ground and "bread." We live between two worlds: the world of the landless and the world of non-heart. The first and second live homeless lives hiding the good hand of compassion. Because of this, many needy sleep in the cold ground on a few sheets of newspaper and cover with a piece of cardboard. Meanwhile, the individual "egonômico" lives sleeping in a palace of illusion. For those who want to be the Son of God (person) must offer heart a piece of your floor to a needy brother. Division of the bread begins to divide the ground. And the division of land is a practice-conduct real good hand. Who does not see that is blind ontologically (insensitive) or has his mind rational logic of "ostrich" buried in a dark hole of their own narrow perception. Disputes between the landless and the "have heart" deaths are producing fields and discussions around land reform and human violence in Brazilian social context. But despite this "industry of violence" profits from films and messages deseducadoras.According to the poet, journalist and writer Catalan ("ECOLOGY"):"We startbe more peopleunderstand whenthe naturewe feelbegins in the middleof people
then we further arguesseeks and lovesthis nature that beginswith human nature
one that movesinvolves vibratingand makes us believerssuch that the environmentbegins in the middle of the people "
Watched for some time, on television, the film of American origin "Die Hard" that from start to finish was exquisite scenes of violence. I could see the "breakthrough" that producers have achieved in the messages of hate, brutality and "heroism." The "good guy" ends the film bathed in blood, but "victorious", surrounded by victims and wreckage. And all applaud his feat. The feat of killing in the name of common good. For, in the name of "common good" can do anything, because it is "obvious" that the "other" or is "bandit" or is an "evil monster".The aesthetics and the technique employed in these films portray our small view of the boundary between life and death. And what is worse they distort the image of the human being unbalanced, placing it as a being "terribly dangerous" that must be eliminated at any cost, because it can end our lives. How much useless message and deseducadora (this film "Die Hard" went on television around 16:00 hours on a Saturday!) For young children, adults and even seniors! With what intention producers made (produced) these films of violence? And because crowds attending (consume) and applaud (like)? Where is the ethics, human values ​​prescribed by the sacred world, "do not judge, do not condemn, do not kill"? How do we evolve if we can not overcome these messages of crime and violence? Urban violence and internationally there are confirming our illusions about death after life. And while we're on this belief inevitably violence only tend to increase. Because we will use all our intellectual capacity (rational) to justify our ignorance and unconsciousness. Will 2000 years were not sufficient to reflect and learn?What else renders economically is sex, violence (billed as "courage") and all sorts of consumption by the consumer. What matters is "winning" (mainly money and fame). In this sense, the "ends" are justified subtly (rationally) by the media. And in this context, human life loses the opportunity to earn a degree of awareness on the evolutionary scale of cosmic values ​​sacred. Most are easily attracted by the "light", these messages mesmerizing, like moths aimlessly and without self-consciousness. Individuals are treated like mass of a cake that is shaped according to mold social moral values ​​"economic-ethical-democratic."Also recently watched the movie Indenpendence Day And I was meditating on the message that the movie goes. Coincidentally three days later watched at COPPE / UFRJ-classroom teacher Bartholo, a beautiful film about Hitler's personality. The film is a documentary that focuses on the story of the birth of Nazi ideology in a different light. The film shows how Hitler developed his ideology sustained basis aesthetic worldview. The film tries to pass us that Hitler was a frustrated architect-artist who wanted to build a new world in accordance with his sick fantasy. And obsessed with their ideology was to the end sacrificing many lives and human values.Some years ago I watched the movie the Lion King movie I was impressed with the message of violence created for small creatures, our "little people", a few years old. The beginning of the film is aesthetically spectacular. We are totally taken by music and beautiful designs. A perfect marriage (up to half of the movie!)! After almost half of the film are involved. But even then I could see the manipulation of an ideology of war in the past subtly beautiful innocent pictures of hyenas, lions, monkeys, etc..What do these three movies have in common? The answer is ideological propaganda. For Hitler only managed to convince his people to go to war because before he made an exquisite work of Marketing (Hitler did to film "educational"!). And it is always so. These movies have nothing innocent. They carry with them an ideology. And this ideology can be savage capitalist or not. Most often ideologically capitalist, or on behalf of a moral ideal democratic capitalist goes up over the sacred and ethical values ​​of any culture.Regarding the context of extraterrestrial is apparent that the American film industry is exploiting the sensationalism of the moral ideas of rational values-instinctive to create an image of insecurity and vulnerability of countries. And who will be the savior? The Americans, of course! Ie, this ideology tries to create a positive image of American power to face any threat to Earth.But what is behind this film "Innocent" which is seen as a means of hobby? It is the democratic capitalist ideology arms, ie, the only way to maintain the safety of the Earth is investing large sums of money on fantastic projects technological warfare. Therefore, it is necessary to get a most powerful enemy to justify investing a lot of money (billions of dollars) in arms. And who benefits from this? The film industries and American and allied war. And who loses? All of us who embarked on this immaturity rational-jerk (American, Japanese, etc..). For all development warlike returns for ourselves in wars and conflicts between countries.
Even when the neoliberal capitalist democracy will pollute and contaminate the minds of young children, the elderly, students, scientists, etc..?
This ideology can be deceiving multitudes of individuals. But do not deceive a person self-conscious. For those who develop sensitivity beyond rational consciousness will see the immaturity of those messages perverted and harmful to ethics and truth of God. These messages are only space propagation in the size of the individual unconscious of itself. We must, therefore, be alert and sensitive to Divine consciousness within ourselves. God is no war propaganda. This thing is too demonic. Not from God these messages of war and competition between cosmic brothers. Every human being is a human being be it terrestrial or extraterrestrial.What may happen in the future is to create an awareness that automatically react violently and attack any approaching alien. And then again the story repeats. The next Hitler will most likely not an individual but an ideology of a people or even a planet. It's so possibly the Antichrist will be born naturally. I have no doubt about that. If you do not want war in the future so that we plant the seeds of peace now. We should not be manipulated by this ideology videogame "childish" liberal democratic capitalist and therefore "demonic".Our children and young people (biggest users of video games and internet) are already learning the art of war in the "innocent" games video game. Later this ideology put in the hands of grown children (the adults of the future) no more an innocent toy video game, but a powerful weapon of truth. And then all hell will weep that will become a social life. Perhaps it would not exist. Life is governed by eternal principles and infallible. You should not play with the truth. Life is sacred, and it is a value that deserves the utmost seriousness and respect. In the episode "the boys of 11 and 13 who killed four girls and a teacher from their school in Jonesboro, in the state of Arkansas, there was renewed debate on violence in the United States. Other cases involving armed youths in schools, as the 13 year old boy who tried to kill the director of a school in Daly, California, indicate that this is not an isolated case. However, more than one underlying cultural value, there are a number of practices that make violence a present ... Some raps with angry letters, films with actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger beating people almost casually ("Hasta la vista, baby, said the character in Terminator 2), and electronic games in which indiscriminately kill enemies to collect points may not even have much impact on the violent actions as poverty, discrimination and the disintegration of families. But certainly the products of the industry of the show have some effect "(BENEVIDES, 27/03/1998, p.7).Education in a very broad context, must decide if we really want heaven or hell ethical morals. Here in southern Brazil youth military school elected A. Hitler as the most admired historical figure. The Nazi dictator "Adolf Hitler was the most admired historical figure by the 1995 graduates of the Military School of Porto Alegre, according to a survey of the official magazine of the institution, Hyloea, published at the end of last year and only now released. Eighty-four boys and 49 girls cited personalities, and most voted was Hitler, with eight nominations (almost 10% of the total). The Nazi was ahead of Tiradentes, Ayrton Senna and Joan of Arc (six votes each) and well away from dozens of other notable less voted, as Jesus Christ, the sociologist Valek, Ghandi and the heroes of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB). The late treasurer of former President Fernando Collor, entrepreneur Paulo César Farias, received one vote "(Mitchell, 19/01/1998, p.3)The vision of this heartless ideology of war is always the need for the existence of competition to be able to win-win-evolving "the other" (psychological). If there is more to Russia to compete then invents a more powerful enemy: aliens! The capitalist world knows not survive without the principle of power achieved through competition or apparent subliminal. This business of global cooperation is a great chatter rhetoric of an aesthetic culture-technical industrial expansion process. It does not exist - for the good of humanity! - And never can exist in a world of rapid conquest and overcoming another competitor. Therefore, there is nothing innocent these movies like "Star Wars". The film is also a means of ideological propaganda. Remember Hitler. He's not dead yet, because its manipulation technique still remains and evolves within societies called "evolved". The ideology manipulation and confrontation sees everything as a big company. Hitler was the greatest representative of this ideology precursor manipulative aesthetic production business. The operating logic of the modern industrial system "can only transcend the limits of their original cultural immanence European-Western and asserting a claim to universal validity as a constitutive element of a world civilization because the productive efficiency inextricably joined since its genesis, the strengthening of military power. The "military machine" was the first model the organizational work factory, being yet unequivocally the principles of administrative "fayolismo" one of the pillars of modern management thinking, a transition from military organizational principles to the field of administration industrial. Since its beginnings, the expansion of manufacturing activities relies decisively on the needs of war machine "(BARTHOLO JR., 1986, p.117).In this ideology, the other is always a competitor, an enemy or a society anti-aesthetic and anti-ethics (an eyesore!). And why is justified every effort to reach a higher level, no matter what the cost of lives and moral values ​​and unethical it is necessary to undertake the ends justify the means warlike. What matters is to annihilate the "evil" and "bad" or "adversary." What matters is the ideology to beat your opponent and threatening competitor. And with this feat has the power to be the best and more capable than the other.
That is, the primacy of a particular ideology over others: "wins best to improve."
Spiritual values ​​are purposely hidden by the fantastic (and why not say fanatic) rationalization mechanism of what is "value" and "progress." And science is used as a tool in this endeavor liberal democratic capitalist fanatical insensitive.The neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro (and Sao Paulo too) are already experiencing the social consequences and painful as a result of internet culture-video-game-film. While the poor to kill the truth in the hills and on the asphalt, the rich would "kill fake" in children's games from the internet film. On one side bombs, gunfire, bloods and real misfortunes and the other side bombs, gunfire, bloods and virtual woes. On the one hand television, film and total misery, the other video games, internet and material wealth. The chance and coincidence there? The efficiency of a new war game is reported in this article: Realism "is the keyword of the game Armored Fist 2, the NovaLogic, which is being distributed in Brazil by Brasoft ( In it, the user will assume command of the M1A2 Abrams, the most powerful battle tank of the U.S. Army, and will risk precise maneuvers where the slightest slip can make it all go flying. The scenarios were created with the system Voxel Space 2, the same technology used in Comanche 3, and include fixed objects, such as forts, buildings, fences, trees and ammunition depots, and other moving as tanks and helicopters. The radio communications are also very interesting in this game because, as faithfully reproduce reality, the information transmitted even be chaotic missions with multiple objectives, creating a succession of orders that will be changing every small change in the training squad or position of the targets. To help the user become familiar with the features of the tank, the CD-ROM contains a document three minutes recorded within the MIA @ Abrams. There's even a training mission, ideal for beginners. The more experienced can venture into dangerous campaigns in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, involving various types of enemy vehicles, among them Russian tanks T-72, T-80 and T-90. In these missions, the player can choose to control a single tank or an armored squad up to 32. There are more than 35 missions, thanks to artificial intelligence, are becoming increasingly difficult as the user goes perfecting his aim and his skill in maneuvering. Armored Fist 2 is also multiplayer, or can be played via serial cable, modem (between two users), network or via the Internet, supporting the latter case up to eight users. The price ... recommended by the distributor to resellers is around £ 69 "(JOURNAL OF BRAZIL, 19/01/1998, p.4)The bangs of fireworks announcing the arrival of the drug in the slums, are signs of the new era of capitalist culture video game: traffickers are announcing the arrival of "goods" towards customers! It is propaganda (in this case the vehicle of propaganda is the sound aesthetic) and the crime market acting in broad daylight, breaking the law of silence and life. Disregarding all in the name of a gain of a handful of money that is circulating through the layers and the markets (between rich and poor) the economic underworld. In economic underworld money always prevails over the value of life.Thus, great caution is needed when we pass a message of value to others who are unaware of each other and the whole (itself). But modern life culture Internet video game capitalist has no such concern about the mental health of the other. This culture does not matter what quality the other value will consume and what kind of mental illness will acquire. What matters is the ideology of profit and power from that profit.The films Independence Day and Lion King are products of an ideology of war and not of peace. If later the psyches of individuals will be diverted, the situation for producers of that culture does not matter. They can only see the immediate return of profit, fame and supremacy over the other competitor.There is a process of aesthetic production institutionalized in modern capitalist societies, which transforms what is ugly and harmful beautiful and necessary. In this context, the subtle is transformed into concrete. The moral is transformed into ethical. The invisible is transformed into visible. The poison of evil is transformed to remedy the "well". And so this process of transformation negative, the next step is the job of convincing. And this conviction is an exquisite work done by Aesthetic Marketing. And so the "genes" of the "truth" and "salvation" are implanted in the consciousness subtly rational inattentive and reckless, producing clones in time of growth: fanatics and worshiped violence and war.The ethical poverty of those movies (and video games as well) is that they never show the path of ontological transcendence (of himself and himself). They always show a pseudo-transcendence and a pseudo-psychological level of truth in overcoming the "other" out of it. True transcendence recognizes the "other" first in itself (the person).Why would our cinemas and flat tire not moving deseducadores these films? Because film and television are part of a huge network market where capital has its own identity, but it has set back and well known: hands-boxes of entrepreneurs "bold" and "productive." While the perspective of the individual is directed to the market, social life suffer from the "virus" of unethical sacred. And the contamination may spread quickly on the basis of "psychological weather conditions." In other words, just because there is no market of consumer goods. And there is only aesthetic consumption (which is different than helpful) goods because there is a manipulation aesthetic value "need" associated with psychological gain an insight into the technical production of the product. That is, this process will continue until the person is arrested when the education of the idea of ​​salvation through the collective power of technical capital transactional (by education and the idea of ​​"transcendence" of pleasure coming from the collective aesthetic symbolic capital).

Man walks into a productive illusion that the family cell, teaching modern rational and socially modern work will offer you all the benefits that he needs to meet his anguish survival here on Earth. It is this illusion that our father is our schools are educating children and young people for a future illness, stress and psychological violence. This is because the health, happiness and love itself only achieved fully achieved when the opportunity to return to the awareness of the existence of BE ORIGINAL: God. And for that the intuitive truth revealed sacred (non-rational) is critical. The truth of the sensitive intelligence-intuitive. And that is just intelligence that modern man has utility receding. You need more than ever to learn to "look up" (intuition-sacred love). For we learn, and that is our biggest challenge, "look down" (reason-capital).The idea that the man "is different from the animals by their rational capacity, abstraction and planning, does not mean that the process of becoming and recognize himself as a man is complete: there is a final step, ie, a telos, which will be achieved by humanity some day, as many social scientists thought at the end and beginning of the twentieth century. The process of putting the sensitivity aside and elect the reason as the sovereign of the explanations and inter-human relationships, as argued by the author [the teacher graduate in Philosophy from the University Gama Filho and graduate education at the University Petrópolis Catholic, Professor Vera Werneck Rudge,], made men and their relationship to objects and things "(Siqueira, 6/25/97, p.6).In fact, in modern societies, is being subtly manipulated. The "watch and pray" (faithfully represented by Jesus) is being replaced by "Occupy and Argue" (faithfully represented by "Judas" in the social context). The "up the hill" is being replaced by "financial speculative rise to power." The vision of God is being replaced by the logical view of the scientific or religious reason. Accordingly, the personal struggle and therefore solitary against the devil is being replaced by technological or social struggle theological against other groups or peoples. A wooden cross is being replaced by the sacrifice of a step up in the job market (job). The sacred life is being replaced and transformed into unholy. True sacred values ​​are being replaced and "socially adapted to a new reality." And this "new" way of being (or a new modernity to be) we follow a path away from the true transformation. We talk a lot but practice very little ontological transformation of being. Practice or psychologically but ontologically see little the real and deep human needs.The issue is that the sacred principles are genuinely sacred and were never "dies social morals." They can not be traded and ratiocinate for "new times". They are eternal, perennial in its origins and creations. Can not be modified any "mm" even. Are what they are: sacred principles. We live in an era productive. Everything is being done in the name of production. The "slogan" is always the same: to produce to consume. All or almost all modern individuals carry this idea of ​​freedom and commitment-salvation. Can manufacture, produce and distribute (spread) any product provided it is in the name of productivity and creating new jobs. Social laws are produced for just penalize blatant cases of "bad faith" and deviation. While more subtle cases of "less bad faith", are to be unnoticed and mostly their productions are encouraged. Mata is much more psychologically than physically. An entire civilization is on the verge of a serious psychological illness and human laws are unable to intervene in the tragic fate of that humanity.Lord, I know you gave me Probes ( Brazilian religious music). Bonita!!!!!!!!!Lord,I know that thou hastI also know that you know meIf I sit down or stand upYou know my thoughtsWhether either lying or walkingYou know all my stepsAnd before there are words in meI know you know me at allLord, I know that thou hast (4 times) ChorusGod, thou hast besetRest your hands on meSuch knowledge is greatNot reach such highIf I ascend to heavenI know I'll meet you there tooIf the pit is my soulI know there love me tooLord, I know that thou hast (4 times) ChorusLord, I know you love me (4 times) ChorusI suggest you watch six videos on the Internet: "Who are we? (Based on quantum physics ... see link "," I AM "(On Tom Shadyac)," The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra " , "The Turning Point - based on the book by Fritjof Capra", "Conversations with God" - based on the book by Neale Donald Walsch ... Conversations with God (originally titled: Conversations with God) is a series of three books published by Neale Donald Walsch, who claims to have been directly inspired by God in his writings. Each book is written as a dialogue in which Walsch asks questions and "God" answers them. Walsch also says that it is not plumbing, but divine inspirations. In 2006, a movie was released about the history of the author and his books ... See link, "The Unity of Religions: The Universal Love - on the website of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Brazil."Recommended books: "Hands of Light - Barbara Ann Brennan, publisher Thought", "Vibrational Medicine - Richard Gerber, publisher Cultrix", "Your Sacred U.S. - Dr. Wayne Dyer, Publisher New Age", "The Flow of Divine Love : Prema Vahini - Posted by: Foundation Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Brazil. "Namaste!Prof. Melgaço Bernardo da Silva - free thinker holistic-transcendental philosopher (practitioner), scientist and spiritualist - Retired University Professor URCA (University Regional Cariri-EC).email: bernardomelga10@hotmail.comFacebook: Melgaço Bernardo da Silva / Education for the Third Millenniumbernardomelgaco.blogspot.comNote: In 1992 and 1998 made two scientific work: master's thesis and doctoral dissertation respectively. And these two works, which has a copy of each of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (in the library of the hundred-CT Technology - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil), tried to show ("scientifically explain") the path Divine Love made in 1988. And those who wish a copy of my scientific work e-mail (I have them in Word format) to me, since I will be happy in the world to share my academic research at UFRJ / COPPE. Namaste ... thank you!

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